The SA Labor Party has been pushed to return a $125,000 election donation from the Victorian branch of the CFMEU.

A Federal Court injunction holding up a $1.25 billion highway in Western Australia has been extended.

Advocates are calling for more farm safety funding in Queensland.

Federal, state and territory ministers have agreed to Australia’s first national biosecurity plan.

The Federal Government has announced the first offshore wind area to be formally assessed under its new framework.

New analysis says Australians could have saved close to $6 billion if fuel efficiency standards were introduced in 2015.

Researchers have published the first detailed study of metal production on another planet.

Recent reports show oil giants have achieved sky-high profits.

The Federal Government says the climate wars are “in retreat” with the likely passage of its new climate bill.

Victoria has formed an emergency animal disease task force in response to the threat of foot-and-mouth disease.

A judge has warned there are not enough powers to deter illegal behaviour by CFMEU members.

A South African mining firm has thrown its support behind the push for constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians.

Australia’s privacy watchdog is investigating the use of facial recognition technology by retail giants Bunnings and Kmart.

Advocates are continuing their push to close a loophole in compensation for truckies.

Experts say Australia needs clear hydrogen production policies.

Engineers say waste materials can be used to build bricks, saving money and resources over traditional methods.

A recent survey suggests labour shortages have hurt sales at 44 per cent of firms.

NSW building watchdog David Chandler has quit.

Regulators want the federal government to consider intervening in the gas market.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) says wholesale power costs hit unprecedented levels in the three months to June 30.

The Australian Resources & Energy Employer Association (AREEA) says Australia’s oil and gas industries need thousands of additional workers by 2027.

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