The Australian Renewable Energy Agency will fund a new $12 million battery in South Australia.

An expert on the mafia says big public works are big targets for organised crime.

New Chinese guidelines restricting investment overseas will have impacts in the Australian property market.

Federal environmental approval has been granted for the Urquhart bauxite project in Queensland.

A senior CFMEU official has questioned the looming merger of Australia’s biggest unions.

A mining lobby has joined has laid out a 15-year roadmap to deliver Australia’s major new mines of the future.

Controversial plans for a gas-fired power station in Queensland are back on the table.

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has reflected on the changing state of Australia’s energy system.

Environmentalists say Australian power stations produce levels of toxic air pollution that would be illegal in ...

Indian mining giant Adani has been hit with a $12,000 over an environmental breach at its Abbot Point coal terminal in north Queensland.

The Federal Government wants to block the merger of Australia’s biggest maritime and construction unions.

The Queensland Government has been urged to improve its coal dust monitoring practices.

The people building robots to do human jobs are showing off their wares.

Researchers are looking for people who have worked or are currently working in asbestos removal to be part of an asbestos removalist register.

Port Augusta is set to host a new $650 million, 150MW solar thermal power plant.

Power companies must relay costs to customers “in plain English”...

Reports say a string of environmental licence breaches at Whitehaven Coal’s four NSW mines have been covered up.

Household recycling is not happening as most people expect, and authorities are scrambling to respond.

Mixing cigarette butts into footpaths could save money and reduce urban heat.

The CFMEU is facing a string of new charges in QLD.

Engineers are testing a system that could see excess renewable energy converted into hydrogen fuel and inject into SA’s gas network.

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