October is National Safe Work Month, and authorities want all companies to use it to take stock of their safety initiatives.

The mining industry is being confronted about the danger of underground diesel fumes.

A new program seeks to deliver widespread mental health messages to construction workers.

Environmental concern has clouded the launch of a hazardous waste dump in southern Tasmania.

Basslink has officially raised a dispute with Hydro Tasmania over the failure of the subsea cable.

Experts say major fracking companies should not be allowed to measure their own environmental impacts.

Setting up a national energy policy is not rocket science, according to a leading energy chief executive.

The Queensland Government says the Adani mine site will remain under native title until finance is confirmed.

AEMO is setting up a national register of small-scale batteries and other distributed energy resources.

Environmental authorities are investigating claims that Adani dug bores without permission.

Clive Palmer wants to build a new 700MW coal-fired power station in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

Creditors of construction company York Civil have voted to liquidate the firm.

This week is Queensland’s Electricity Safety Week.

Port Lincoln City Council in South Australia has joined a list of councils who oppose drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

The gas industry has become the latest to call on the Federal Government to come up with a climate and energy policy.

The Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) has made its largest investment to date.

A Brisbane construction company has been fined $405,000 over the deaths of two workers.

Australia would have 100 per cent renewable electricity by the early 2030s if the current rate of installations continues, analysis shows.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he will scrap the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

CSIRO has completed a three-year study of air quality in CSG-heavy areas of Queensland.

SA has approved trials of a controversial mining technology that is banned in other states.

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