The ACCC has approved plans for 27 South Australian businesses to bulk buy electricity.

The Queensland Government wants to sweeten its deal with Adani by offering a “royalties holiday” worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but not everyone is on board.

Researchers say Australia is not facing a gas shortfall crisis.

The Queensland Government has introduced new fines for developers who demolish heritage buildings.

HMAS Adelaide has been dry-docked as engineers scramble to fix issues from just 18 months in service.

Snowy Hydro is moving ahead with a ‘Snowy 2.0’ feasibility study.

A 3,000-tonne wave energy generator has been sitting off the coast of Adelaide since it sunk over three years ago.

The Federal Government has unveiled the largest ever shipbuilding ...

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel vehicles like cars, buses and trucks could be to blame for around 38,000 premature deaths a year.

The Queensland Government has launched an online database for new geological data.

Real Energy has signed an MoU with Santos over the Windorah gas project.

Australia’s first printed solar demonstration site has opened.

Tesla is taking orders for its new solar roof.

A new project could help Australia become the home of high-purity hydrogen ...

The Federal Government could buy a larger stake in the Snowy Hydro scheme in its push for energy security.

Gold production at the Matilda/Wiluna gold operation in WA could be doubled.

A former South 32 worker who was sacked for working in his underwear has launched an unfair dismissal application.

Researchers say they have solid proof that current mining operations are responsible for lead contamination.

The company behind a new multi-billion-dollar gas plant in Victoria says it will help re-enliven the domestic energy market.

Tim Flannery has warned against investing in “dying” fossil fuel industries.

WA gas giant Woodside says if the eastern states want gas, they can come and get it.

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