Reliance on old technology is pushing up Australia’s wholesale power prices, and could lead to higher bills for households.

Santos investors have criticised a $6 million bonus for the energy firm’s CEO.

A corruption court has heard a Sydney mayor took bribes to help property developers fast-track applications.

Queensland is now home to the Southern Hemisphere’s first human-waste-to-energy plant.

The Commonwealth and Northern Territory governments have signed off on a funding deal to accelerate Beetaloo Basin gas production.

Experts say China’s demand for coal imports, including from Australia, will drop significantly by 2025.

The Coalition has announced half a billion dollars worth of upgrades for airbases.

Woodside and Santos are low on a list of energy companies ranked by low-carbon readiness.

Local mining firms appear to be capitalising on the global lithium boom.

Experts say it is time for Australia to step up as a drug and vaccine manufacturer.

More details have been released for a planned $30 billion solar energy project in the Northern Territory.

Building industry insiders say companies and subcontractors will continue to hit the wall due to a material supply crisis.

A major government review will look at pricing and signage on Sydney's complex system of toll roads.

A UN report warns humanity is in a ‘spiral of self-destruction’.

Two universities have secured new funding to develop and build Australia's sovereign defence industry.

WA is investing in new technology to monitor seismic activity.

Authorities say Australia’s eastern states will have to deliver on their pledges if they are to avoid an energy shortfall.

A Queensland company director has been jailed after a worker was impaled.

The Prime Minister is reviving an old battle over industrial relations.

The Greens have pledged $500 million to assist steelmakers in quitting coal.

Federal Labor says it will move forward with a national integrity commission if it wins the upcoming election, while the Prime Minister has blamed the opposition for delays.

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