New data shows an ongoing increase in land clearing in NSW.

Anger is mounting after the Federal Government opened up oil and gas exploration neater the Twelve Apostles.

The Victorian Government is contributing $14 million to a battery facility and a regional hydrogen hub at university campuses.

Curtin University research has found tiny amounts of gold can be trapped inside pyrite, commonly known as ‘fool’s gold’.

Mining magnate Andrew Forrest has slammed plans to develop a new gas field in the Timor Sea.

Experts have assessed the lungs of people exposed to the Hazelwood coal fire in 2014.

A corruption watchdog has found the NT approved a $12 million grant that did not follow proper processes.

An inquiry could be held into widespread sexual harassment on mine sites.

Rio Tinto is receiving government funds to investigate whether its alumina refining could be improved with renewable hydrogen.

The federal environment minister has ruled that a giant renewable energy hub in WA is “clearly unacceptable”.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is backing some of the most energy-efficient houses ever built in Australia.

New EV charging stations are being installed in 18 regional Queensland towns.

Authorities say a paradigm shift is occurring in WA’s power system.

Former Nationals leader Mark Vaile has been pushed out of the Univer­sity of Newcastle over his links to the coal sector.

Miners and farmers are fighting over a 145,000 megalitre water release in Queensland.

Mining magnate Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has bought a 7.33 per cent stake in Tasmanian salmon company Huon Aquaculture.

A Tasmanian coroner has found the deaths of two men who fell down a mine chute were “completely avoidable”.

An electrician has been charged after leaving an untrained apprentice unattended on a 2-storey roof.

Buyers have been blocked from moving into new Sydney apartments after “extensive signs of cracking” ...

A new kind of ‘smart cement’ could be used for more durable roads and cities.

A whistleblower has been spared jail time after revealing Australia bugged a foreign government to benefit Woodside.

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