Safe Work Australia has published new materials to help prevent deaths from one of the most dangerous kinds of work in the nation.

Australia’s military and defence spending is reaching an eye-watering level.

Qantas has shot down a union bid and will outsource more than 2,000 ground staff roles across 10 airports.

It appears unlikely that Victoria will change its stance on uranium mining.

Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA) is attempting to recover the cost of putting out the 2014 Hazelwood coal mine fire.

New funding has been provided for Australia’s first remote microgrid using renewable hydrogen generation.

New renewable sources should help shore up reliability this summer.

A $125 million investment has been made to support Snowy 2.0 grid development.

The NSW Premier has been accused of making decisions suggested by developers against departmental advice.

A new survey has found half of all truckies are suffering psychological distress.

Eighteen months after cracks appeared in Sydney’s Mascot Towers, many residents have no answers and no options.

Qantas workers have warned safety could suffer if big outsourcing plans proceed.

SA Health data shows Port Pirie lead levels are some of the highest on record.

Federal funds will allow gas firm Jemena to test injecting biomethane into the NSW natural gas network.

Scott Morrison has suggested he may not use Kyoto ‘carry-over’ credits to help meet Paris agreement targets.

Police have raided union offices across Sydney, but the unions say they are missing some big issues.

New South Wales says it will maintain a $107 billion infrastructure pipeline despite record deficit.

The NSW Government appears to have paid over $50 million for a “worthless”, contaminated block of land.

The CFMEU wants a safety audit of all structures on Queensland mine sites after hazardous storms.

Australia has signed the world's largest trade deal.

The company planning to build the world's largest wind-and-solar power generator in Australia has changed its plans.

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