Major construction companies are pushing back against new federal payment regulations.

Ergon Energy has received a $300,000 fine in relation to a workplace fatality.

A company has been fined over a fatal 2019 NT mine incident.

Mine rescue teams have tested their skills at the Victorian Mine Rescue Competition.

BHP is facing calls to cut executive pay over a $445 million payroll error.

New South Wales has become the first recipient of a loan from the Australian government's $20 billion Rewiring the Nation fund.

A sinkhole, toxic gas release, and massive cost overrun have disrupted the Snowy 2.0 project.

The National Electricity Market has experienced a remarkable shift, driven by abundant solar power.

The WA Premier has leapt to the defence of an industrial refinery.

A hydrogen-power garbage truck could revolutionise waste collection in NSW.

Queensland is set to invest billions in the construction and expansion of desalination plants.

Fracking law delays have prompted calls for action.

Engineers say Moon roads could be built using laser-melted soil.

WA authorities have wrapped up an investigation into the loss of a tiny yet dangerous radioactive capsule.

A study has compared the heat risks of indoor service and outdoor maintenance work.

The Australian Government has released a discussion paper and opened consultations on a national Future Gas Strategy.

The Federal Government has laid out a path for Australia to become a green energy superpower.

The “fathers of photovoltaics” have dismissed nuclear power as a “distraction” in the energy sector.

Safety concerns have prompted a strike at one of Australia’s safety regulators.

A Queensland government office has estimated the cost of diving into pumped hydro.

More companies have joined the list of collapsed builders in Australia.

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