The Federal Government has officially picked a location for its planned nuclear waste dump.

Australia's Future Fund has been criticised for investing in companies linked to Myanmar's military.

Retiring the world's worst power stations could save six million lives.

Australia's first “critical minerals hub” has been slated for the New South Wales Central West.

Authorities say household electricity bills are trending down.

Electrical transmission company AusNet Services has announced a proposed route for a new power line through western Victoria.

A deal to form one of the biggest energy companies in the world has been signed off.

The Morrison Government has intervened to stop state and territory governments from cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Progress has been made on a hydrogen development deal with Germany.

A new facility has been created to provide standardised testing of robotics.

Woodside says it is moving ahead with its $16.5 billion Scarborough project off Western Australia.

NSW councils have secured a new agreement to reform the infrastructure contributions system.

A Hobart stonemasonry business has pleaded guilty after workers were exposed to the risk of silicosis.

A new research centre in South Australia says it will use AI to improve a range of industries.

WA’s new efforts to protect sacred sites have been criticised.

Safe Work Australia has published new stats on workers’ compensation.

Politicians are calling for efforts to ensure Australia’s solar industry is not exposed to China's human rights violations.

ANU experts have issued a warning about fugitive emissions from producing hydrogen using fossil fuels.

Experts say Australia's bioenergy industry could be worth more than $10 billion a year.

Chinese authorities say crypto mining could jeopardise efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Japan is turning to a bizarre new fuel source - waste from adult nappies.

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