Controversial ‘call-in powers’ have been used to approve the development of a solar farm in the ACT.

Designs for a new form of high-speed, low-energy transport are steaming ahead.

One site has been ruled out as the Federal Government searches for a location for its nuclear waste dump.

Backers are gathering for a takeover battle of one of Australia’s biggest transport and logistics firms, Asciano.

Australia’s environmental performance is down this week, but it looks like corruption is rising.

The Local Government Association of the Northern Territory‘s president is outraged that NT has been left out of federal funding.

Victoria’s public transport authorities have been accused of allowing trains to run over capacity, and fudging the numbers to cover it up.

An Austrian designer has come up with a bike-mounted water bottle that fills itself with water from the air.

Experts say using water properly could make Australian cities cooler and more environmentally-friendly.

Western Australia’s Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has warned crane operators to inspect head sheaves on their machine, or risk serious injury.

The WA Government is expected to face a new Supreme Court challenge over the Roe 8 highway project.

The heart of the Australia resources sector – iron and coal – continues to wane in value, and analysts say lesser-known commodities will not fill the gap.

A construction worker has spoken out about the safety standards and union intervention, after the deaths of two of his co-workers in Perth.

Reports say the owner of a recently spilled Brazilian iron ore dam received numerous danger warnings months before the walls broke.

An ambulance bus that can carry up to 12 patients at once has been slammed by South Australia's Opposition.

On any given bus ride, passengers read, text or while away the hours in any way their mobile phones let them.

The open cut Woodie Woodie manganese mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara will be mothballed next month, putting hundreds of jobs on the line.

A new study could see power stations producing their own biofuel.

China has announced it will close thousands more coal mines.

Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Co-operation with Colombia, forging formal links between the two nations’ energy sectors.

A well-known expert says Australia could become a powerhouse of renewable energy

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