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First listed on: 21 January 2020

Project Engineer - Water

You have been a Project Engineer for several years and are ready to step towards Project Manager. This Project Engineer position will prepare you with the skills and leadership experience needed to make the transition.

What do you receive?
$140k base salary plus super, vehicle, Surface Pro, phone, tolls and fuel to perform your job. More so, you have an opportunity to diversify your skills, be part of this fresh and innovative approach and secure a stable position within a powerhouse consortium, the envy of many.
All for a fair working week, the ability to organise life and work commitments together and full support from top to bottom.

This is how the P4S will become the program that changes the transactional nature of Australia’s construction model.

Collaborate and Innovate

Sydney Water is a ‘beast of a client’, not only for the sheer size but also the variety and complexity of its projects and programs but fear not for this one is all about collaboration. The P4S (Partnering for Success) is a 10-year program of design, construction and maintenance delivery of a new kind in Australia. Using the NEC4 framework that has been successfully deployed in UK, Hong Kong, South Africa and NZ, Australia now gets its turn to showcase this suite of contracts and utilise its proven approach.

This Regional Delivery Consortium (RDC) and the companies within it are proven winners with Sydney Water and have delivered multiple D&C as well as maintenance projects for them spanning 20 years. At the helm is a very competent RDC Program Director from the Asset Management and Construction space who is seeking to bring in people who share their appetite to collaborate, innovate and incentivise through shared knowledge.
Mandatory to be considered:
You will need to hold a civil engineering degree and have worked on Sydney Water projects for a contractor delivering water, wastewater, and water infrastructure projects
Your attitude must be one geared towards performance and smart productivity and of a sharing and caring nature. It is the only way to absorb this collaborative mindset and achieve sustainable outcomes.
The Sydney location is yet to be confirmed and for now, all RDC’s are located within Sydney Water's Parramatta HQ. What is confirmed is that it will be conveniently located for transport and travel purposes for its people and partners to move freely from home and projects.

Speak with me in confidence, meet with them, hear them out – make the right choice.
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